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protection concept

adidas Decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens

Decentering of the optical center will result in distortionfree vision and permits the use of strongly curving filters that optimally envelop the eye.
Vision Advantage™ PC filters correspond to optical quality 1 level and guarantee total protection against UVA, -B and -C radiation.

Wrap-around Protection

The extensive curvature provides for the widest field of vision as well as optimum protection of the eye area. The wrap-around technic also gives the snug fit and assurance the eyewear will not dismount.

Sweat Blocker

A detachable sweat blocker prevents sweat from running down into the eyes and obscuring vision. Easily removed and replaced when needed. - Miller United Optics Shop Meraner Straße 3 6020 Innsbruck Tirol Austria +43(0)512 560444-401