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adidas VARIO Filter Evil Eye Evo S Evil Eye Halfrim Tycane Pro Outdoor S Zonyk

adidas Sunglasses & More... is your authorized adidas eyewear store. We offer a wide selection of adidas sunglasses, adidas ski goggles and prescription glasses.

Two product lines:
adidas Originals & Performance

adidas offers a wide range of stylish and functional eyewear.

adidas Performance are designed for active lifestyles and sport performance. The sunglasses are purpose-made for specific sports such as running, cycling, outdoor, golf etc. adidas Performance includes special lines for youths and women.

The adidas Performance line is complemented by adidas ski goggles and adidas prescription glasses.

Wile adidas Performance offers functional sport eyewear designed in co-operation with top athletes from around the world.

A short explanation of our adidas icons:

The icons we use in our adidas eyewear shop help you find the sunglasses that best fit your needs. They also show you which accessories are included in the price.

sweat blocker sweat blocker
head strap head strap
microfiber bag microfiber bag
2nd shield 2nd shield
performance insert™ performance insert™
foam pad foam pad
hardcase hardcase
2nd pair of lenses 2nd pair of lenses
RXready RXready
inframe glazing inframe glazing

Move your mouse over an icon for more information.

The icons below provide information on the use of the sunglasses:
Lens category 4. Very darkly tinted not suitable for driving Lens category 4 - Very darkly tinted,
not suitable for driving

Lens category 3, darkly tinted Lens category 3 - darkly tinted

Lens category 2, darkly tinted Lens category 2 - moderately tinted

Lens category 1, moderately tinted Lens category 1 - slightly tinted

Lens category 0, transparent to slightly tinted Lens category 0 - transparent to slightly tinted

good bluelight filtergood bluelight filter


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