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adidas vision concept

Decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens

Decentering of the optical center will result in distortionfree vision and permits the use of strongly curving filters that optimally envelop the eye.
Vision Advantage™ PC filters correspond to optical quality 1 level and guarantee total protection against UVA, -B and -C radiation.

Quick Change Lens System™

Simple, fast but sturdy lens changing feature enabling wearer to adapt adidas eyewear to all lighting and weather conditions. No adidas eyewear user need ever be caught out by changing light conditions with the numerous lens tints available in the range.

Wrap-around View

The extensive curvature provides for the widest field of vision as well as optimum protection of the eye area.

Performance Insert™

Full sight – full functionality
With the RXready Performance Insert™, adidas eyewear guarantees clear vision for each athlete and, as a result, improved concentration and performance. The Performance Insert™ can be integrated easily and rapidly into adidas performance sports eyewear without interfering with the functionality.
Also available as Rimless Performance Insert™.

Clima Management

Ventilation System
The ventilation system incorporates technological design of strategically placed air vents built into the frame design. This keeps the appropriate amount of air passing through yet an amount that is not intrusive or disturbing to the eyes. Further supporting the ventilation system is an antifog lens coating.
(See individual models)


ClimaCool™ technology by adidas is a dynamic ventilation technology. The ClimaCool™ technology for eyewear (made up of the specially engineered vents on the pad/lens) allows for air to be directed in a way that does not disturb the eyesight but rather manages moisture and prevents fogging providing a more comfortable wear throughout.

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